Additional Resources

Ontario Basic Income Network (PROVINCIAL)
Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN) is a coalition committed to seeing Basic Income implemented in Ontario. It’s a bold vision of dignity and justice for every Canadian regardless of work status.

Basic Income Canada Network (FEDERAL)
Basic Income Canada Network is a unique national organization dedicated to ensuring everyone can meet basic needs and live with dignity.

Basic Income Canada Youth Network
Mobilizing youth across Canada in support of a
basic income guarantee

UBI Works
UBI Works advocates for a Canada where everyone can pursue their potential.

Humans of Basic Income by Jessie Golem

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In 2018 Jessie used her skills in photography to produce a photo series called Humans of Basic Income that amplifies the stories of the recipients of the prematurely cancelled Basic Income Pilot Project in Ontario. Her photos have been exhibited across Canada and the world.

Basic income earth network (GLOBAL)
The mission of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) is to offer education to the wider public about alternative arguments about, proposals for, and problems concerning, basic income as idea, institution, and public policy practice. To this end, BIEN organises public conferences around the world on an annual basis, promotes research, serves as a research repository, and publishes news, research, and opinion articles. BIEN is associated with an academic journal, Basic Income Studies.